Grants Focus Areas

The Birmingham Foundation is pleased to announce that it has adopted a new single area of focus for its philanthropic giving. Beginning January 1, 2020, the foundation is wholly dedicated to Investing in early childhood education and development to help every child in the Birmingham Foundation’s service area fulfill their potential. The foundation especially welcomes proposals from agencies whose services align with one of these strategies:

Maternal Health & Parental Engagement

Recognizing the importance of maternal emotional and physical health; early understanding of child development; and parental engagement with young children from the earliest interactions.

Quality Early Child Care & Education

Prioritizing access to high-quality pre-K education and childcare for all Hilltop residents.

Emotional Well-Being of Children & Families

Identifying a gap area in the mental healthcare, emotional wellbeing and social-emotional learning in young children and their families, especially those who have experienced trauma.

More information

Please note: If your organization is a new applicant, we ask that you call the office at 412-481-2777

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